Real-Time Video Compression

This program is currently free and is supported by advertisements.

Record at the maximum speed of the iPhone camera (6-15 frames per second, depending only on lighting conditions) with no compression delay between pressing stop and getting to view the resulting video.

Cycorder does MJPEG compression: the same as that used by most point and shoot digital cameras that also happen to support recording video.

Video files are recorded at 384x288, a 4x3 (television) aspect ratio.

Quality is noticeably higher than that of iPhone Video Recorder (which uses a very lossy compression algorithm at a low framerate in order to obtain its small video sizes).

If this video is at all choppy please try viewing it on your desktop computer. The iPhone video player is not very good, but this video is quite smooth.

Cycorder encodes Quicktime using FFmpeg, which is licensed under LGPL. Due to bugs in iphone-gcc, it is statically linked, but you may download this "LGPL object kit" if you wish to re-link Cycorder yourself.