Show profile pictures in contact lists!

Cyntact even enhances contact lists in third party App Store applications.

It is not its own application: think of
it as a new feature for the Phone app.

Please note that this has nothing to do with Facebook: this is for viewing the profile pictures you already have stored on your phone. If you would like to synchronize your photographs with Facebook there are App Store applications capable of doing so.

This (paid) package is DRM free.

I personally do not like DRM much. Other paid packages may have some type of DRM: this one simply doesn't.

(Please do not steal it from me. ;P)

I implemented Cyntact in mid-2008.
When I did, I flagged it to be the first package sold using the Cydia Store.

At the time, I had already been testing it for months; now, I have been using this package every day for years.

This package, in all seriousness, is the first and primary thing I think about when asked "why do you jailbreak?".

As I've been using this package since iOS 2.0, it "seriously works": I have not received crash reports since 2010 (a year which only saw one crash bug ;P).

(The reports in 2009 were corner cases involving synchronized contacts, and a Substrate conflict w/ Rock Extensions.)

Obviously, I am proud of this product; and, as it is one of the primary reasons I jailbreak my personal device, I update it whenever an untether is available.

I therefore hope that others enjoy it.

Incidentally, I will point out that the money it costs (which, despite being only $1, nets Cydia 4x as much as MyWi) all goes to operating Cydia.

So come on; mind trying it; for me? ;P