Want to make sure a deleted confidential email or embarrassing photo is purged forever from your iPhone? Simply deleting a file doesn't guarantee it's gone for good, and doing a restore only quick-formats the iPhone. Protect your deleted data from being recovered by hacking tools and prying eyes, or in the event your iPhone is stolen.

iWipe is a simple utility for zeroing out the free space on your iPhone. The tool does not delete any live files, but uses the same method that Mac OS X uses to zero free space: it creates a large temporary file, which writes zeroes over the free space where deleted files can still reside. The entire iPhone user partition is cleansed, forever purging deleted photos, email, voicemail, and other deleted files.

This helpful utility can be run periodically to effortlessly clear out old data and ensure it is beyond recovery. Because it doesn't erase your content or settings, you won't need to recover any backups or risk losing data. Actual erase time varies depending on the amount of free space on the device. You're still able to lock or receive phone calls while iWipe is running.