Version 0.9.3400 runs on iOS 7 as well as ARM64. A special thank you goes out to @iCykey for working with me, and @iolate_e for his crucial help!

(At this time, status bar icons do not work on iOS 7. The Show Cursor feature is also waiting on an update to the Mouse Support package.)

Version 0.9.3401 was pushed to force Show Cursor off on iOS 7 for people who had previously turned it on; this had caused a crash on connection.

If your device has ever been just out of reach, this package is for you: you'll never need to touch your iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch again! Instead, sit back and enjoy the comfort of remotely logging into your phone via VNC. You can view the screen, touch controls, and even push the lock and menu buttons all from the comfort of your desk- or laptop.

To activate, install it and then go to Settings and set a password. When connections come in you will get a notification dialog asking if you want to accept. You can tell whether there are any active clients by way of an icon on the status bar. Just remember: VNC is not a very fast protocol ;P.

The default Mac OS X Screen Sharing VNC client is compatible, among many others. The App Store also includes some VNC clients.

(I recommend turning off the cursor in your client, since it causes some graphical artifacts. If you want a cursor, you can use the one that Veency provides. I also recommend using 8-bit color depth as it is much more usable.)

  • left click: touch screen
  • middle click: lock button
  • right click: menu button
  • keyboard: keyboard ;P