Code optimizations. Added Portuguese and Polish translations. Fixed Swipe right to scroll through themes in reverse. Removed alarm (caused random issues).
Improved download time. Fixed Animated Weather. Fixed Save wall to springboard. Fixed Custom Notifications. Removed Cycle themes and favorites.
Major code refactoring, removing load blocking Cycript, added ability to load files on demand and redid alarm code. Fixed: Bariol font. Weather for iOS7. Break if theme contained notification for an app you didn’t have. Added: 20 new fonts. Dynamic blurring (iOS9 only) for menu, theme list, theme load list, boxes and circles. Notification alert if app doesn’t exist. Ability to open apps when passcode is on. Respring popup for CustomNotification More tips per settings option and a FAQ. Options to disable fade, and box/circle blur. Removed: popup that says enable location services. YouTube: New series dedicated to LockPlus Tips
Fixed weather, alarm, and signal. Remove respring popup for custom notifications and the ability to open apps while passcode is enabled (these will be back in a future update).
Added animated weather. Added animated birds. Added new fonts. Added new elements. Added option to set L+ wall to SB and LS. More descriptions in settings. Fixed alarm not showing correct minute. Fixed rain percent showing 2%. Fixed download screen showing with no theme name entered.
Added Elements: 15 new apps. Signal bar count and percent. Alarm (24hr 12hr and 12hr without am/pm). Wifi with and without percent. Notification counts. 12 new elements. Charging state (only shows when device is charging). 14 new fonts.

Added Languages: Hebrew

Added Functionality: One tap to download and install themes. Removed multiple popups. Theme list directly in Cydget. Sash on new theme images. Update badge next to view themes (loaded when menu is opened). When theme name is entered it now downloads and applies automatically. Fixed funky animation when swiping through themes. Larger theme preview. Theme favorite option. Tap hold the right side of LockPlus to switch through favorite themes (option in settings). Auto Cycle themes automatically changes themes (set time in settings). Option to not hide LockPlus when notifications come in (options in settings)

This is only changes to the Cydget, many more changes have been made to the online editor. Check them out here
Restyled theme preview screen. Added new elements. Added animations to theme viewer. Added options to disable wall and overlay. Fixed m/d/y.
Fixed Tap to unlock. Added option to delete themes, show amount of themes, and allow themes cycle back around when browsing. Code optimizations.
Added hide menu toggle in settings. Added toggle to turn off weather completely in settings. Added toggle to reset theme in settings. Add new info for adding apps to themes. Removed passcode entry popup. Changed overlay to parse only if overlay is present. Optimized loading checks.
Fixed issue with some iWidgets. Fixed weather showing stars if language isnt supported. Added Dutch translation. Optimized loading of fonts.
Initial release.