<p><em><strong>MiniBanners Pro:</strong> Change the Notification Banners of iOS!</em><em style="color: red;">iOS 6 not supported yet!</em><em style="color: teal;">Now with even more Features!</em>&nbsp;MiniBanners Pro completely changes the iOS Notification Banners, Banners are now much smaller and look completely different. (Check Screenshots) To achieve such a small Size, the Message-Part of the Notification is hidden and only the App Icon, Name and Badge Count is shown. You can long press the Mini-Banner and it will enlarge and show a Part of the Message.The Auto-Expand Feature automatically expands the Banner when it appears. Swipe up to dismiss the Banner. This Update adds three new Features: <em>Moonshine:</em>Allows scrolling through the whole Message <em>Chronos:</em>Allows Banners to stay until manually dismissed. And another new Feature allows the Notification Center to be opened even while a Banner is showing!You can choose one of 8 Positions for the Banner to appear:</p>
<li>Top Left</li>
<li>Top Right</li>
<li>Bottom Left</li>
<li>Bottom Right</li>
<li>Top Center</li>
<li>Left Center</li>
<li>Right Center</li>
<li>Bottom Center</li>
<p>MiniBanners Pro also comes with 6 new Banner Animations!</p>
<li>Slide from Left to Right</li>
<li>Slide Down from Top</li>
<li>Flip around X-Axis</li>
<li>Flip around Y-Axis</li>
<li>You can also disable all Animations</li>
<p>You also can enable Banner-Shadow for even more beautiful Banners. MiniBanners Pro is fully customizable, you can change the Color of the Background, Badge, Text and Border and set Alpha. Follow me (: <em style="color: red;">MiniBanners Pro is not compatible with Bulletin and NCQuickDismiss</em></p>