<p><em style="color: teal;">WeatherBar - Simplicity and Beauty</em></p>
<p><em style="color: teal;"></em><em>Supports iOS 5 and iOS 6</em></p>
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<p>Mini-FAQ below:</p>
<p><br /> <em style="color: red;">What is WeatherBar?</em><br /> WeatherBar is a Tweak which shows you the current outside Temperature by changing the Color of the Statusbar. <br /> The Colors range from -20&deg;C to +50&deg;C (-4&deg;F to 122&deg;F)<br /><br /> <em style="color: red;">How can I know which Color represents which Temperature?</em><br /> WeatherBar has different Colors for Temperatures in 5&deg;C Steps, it starts at -20&deg;C, here is the Order of the Colors, there are many "mixed" colors between those:<br /> Violet - Blue - Green (0&deg;C/32&deg;F) - Yellow - Orange - Red<br />After a few days using WeatherBar you will be able to distinguish the Colors easily.</p>
<p><br /><br /> <em style="color: red;">Is Fahrenheit supported by WeatherBar?</em><br /> Yes<br /> <br />Follow me on Twitter (@rud0lf77) (:</p>