<p>Web Site: http://stockmobile.ca Stock Mobile (WH) provides clients of TD Waterhouse* the following basic features on your cell phone or other mobile devices for convenience Real time quotes Trade Check order status Cancel order Browse position holdings with Profit/Loss calculation Important indices (Dow, TSX, NASDAQ, SP500, Crude oil, Natural gas, Gold) Stock Mobile (WH) will help you when You are not able to be with your computer all the time, such as meeting, coffee time and lunch time. You are not convenient to browse quotes and make instructions during the working time as you are in an open office. Worst, the network firewall or company discipline prohibits you to play with stock. Stock Mobile (WH) supports all models of the main stream smart phones/devices, including iPhone/iPod Touch/iPad (e.g. 3G, 3GS, iPhone 4 or above) Android phones or devices running on Android OS (1.5 or above) Blackberry phones or other devices running Blackberry OS (5.0 or above) Other things you should agree or be aware of before you use Stock Mobile (WH) Stock Mobile (WH) is a free third-party product; it's supported by Stock Mobile Inc., not by TD Waterhouse Canada Inc. Stock Mobile (WH) fully respects your privacy, it never collects your private information such as account ID and password. Stock Mobile Inc. tries every effort to promise the product quality, however, Stock Mobile Inc. is not resposible for your loss from any use of Stock Mobile (WH). *TD Waterhouse is the trademark of TD Waterhouse Canada Inc.</p>