Aehmlo Lxaitn proudly presents to you...Windows 7 for the iPhone and iPod touch! At long last, you can use your phone like a desktop computer. The potential is limitless! Future updates may even include desktop gadgets, etc!
>Compatible with HD and SD devices! This means you can use this theme on any iPhone or iPod touch!
>Functional clock
>Working taskbar icons - Hopefully more of these soon!
>Functional Start menu with important application shortcuts, programs list, and shutdown button!
>"All Programs" shows in an Explorer window just like Windows 7 would show a folder!
>Custom lockscreen looks just like the real thing! Tap your user icon to log in!
>Tired of DreamBoard always making that annoying status bar show when you launch an app? Just tap on the icons to the left of the clock (battery,volume,and arrow) to hide the status bar.
Coming Soon:
>Desktop Applications!
>Desktop Widgets?
>DreamBoard currently has a bug where you cannot dynamically change lockscreen content. This means that my idea for custom user icons will not work out like I had planned (i.e. the icon in the Start menu will change, but not on the lock screen without throwing an error). If wyndwarrior fixes this, I will implement choosing your own user icons.
>Other surprises!