<p>iOS. Eleemosynarily. iLeemosynary is a revolutionary WinterBoard theme. No, scratch that. It is a revolutionary theme. Period. It is the first ever theme to create its own loading screens and icons (both App Store AND system/Cydia) dynamically. It is also, to the extent of my knowledge, one of two themes that includes a MobileSubstrate tweak and PreferenceLoader cell. iLeemosynary was made to be customized. It is a "patriotic" theme, using Apple's linen background wherever possible. This is a revolution. This is iLeemosynary. iOS. Eleemosynarily</p>. <p>iLeemosynary is compatible with iOS 5. HD and SD devices are both supported, but iLeemosynary is optimized for HD devices.</p> <p><b>Features</b>: <ul><li>The ability to theme loading screens on demand.</li> <li>The ability to theme app icons on demand.<b>*</b></li> <li>MobileSubstrate tweak included.</li> <li>Documentation included in PreferenceLoader cell.</li> <li>Optional Zeppelin Carrier in a seperate package.</li> <li>iPad support coming <i>very</i> soon.</li> <li>Possible SBSettings theme (and toggle) in the future.</li> </ul><b>*</b>Some apps have icons that have been optimized for display on iOS devices, and, as such, cannot be themed by iLeemosynary /yet/. These must be themed manually by me (Aehmlo). If you run into this problem, send me a request, along with a copy of the icon if it is a paid app. I am working on resolving this issue.</p>