<p>A port of Quake III Arena to the iPhone.</p>
<h1>Project Status</h1>
<p>And we\'re back! The port is back in business with the iPhone 2.0 SDK. Unfortunately it is not in a state yet where it can be distributed via the App Store, mostly because there is no good way to deploy the game files onto the phone\'s file-system. Help with this would be appreciated. Contact <a rel=\"nofollow\" href=\"mailto:sethk@meowfishies.com\">sethk@meowfishies.com</a> for more details.</p>
<p>The input system is in somewhat of a state of flux while we try out different ideas. See the section <strong>Input System</strong> below for details.</p>
<h1>Input System</h1>
<p>Currently the input system employs the accelerometer for movement and the touch interface for camera angle.</p>
<p>Tilting the device forward and backwards will move the player forwards or backwards. The neutral position is about 35&ordm; away from perpendicular, with the top of the screen tilted away from the viewer. Rolling the device like a steering wheel will strafe in either direction. There is a dead zone in the center, to avoid having the player constantly move.</p>
<p>Dragging a single finger across the screen will mouse-look, and tapping a second finger while holding the first one down will attack. These methods of input can be bound to different actions using the <tt>default.cfg</tt> included in the project Resources.</p>
<p>For more information on customizing the input system, see the Input System Tweaking page on Google Code.</p>
<p>The Quake 3 iPhone project needs your help! There are many things to do, from implementing features to fixing bugs and even non-coding tasks such as performance tweaking and testing. See the Issues page for open tasks and bugs, and contact <a rel=\"nofollow\" href=\"mailto:sethk@meowfishies.com?subject=Quake%203\">sethk@meowfishies.com</a> to coordinate specific things you want to work on.</p>