In this revolutionary new App series by the Branding
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No need to fumble around finding them, as our slick intuitive
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Concerts and specially recorded performances of all time. If you are a
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The Master App is a free download and comes with the first "SEXIEST
50" free.

And for all the others unlike iTunes where a song costs a couple of
dollars each, you get can get each of the hundreds of genre based Top
50 Collections for just $3.99 for each 50 song/videos set.

You can now put thousands of the all time best song/videos in your
pocket for peanuts.Each of our genre based Appʼs features our
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You can play them on your chosen device, project them on a wall for
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Optimised for all mobile digital devices, your iPhone, your iPad, your
iPod Touch, and also any Android platform phone.