This package will allow your 5.1.1 device to reboot without requiring an external tool such as redsn0w.

As there are now two versions of iOS both called "5.1.1" for iPhone 4 GSM, 1.0-2 was released to support both.

Apple released a new iPad 2 WiFi, a unique piece of hardware that was difficult to find, now supported in 1.0-3.

Rocky Racoon is the underlying untethered exploit that will be installed by popular jailbreak tools such as redsn0w and absinthe... if you are using 5.1.1 and you can reboot your device and have it still be jailbroken, you have Rocky Racoon.

If your device relies on Rocky Racoon for untethering, which includes any iPad 2, iPad 3, or iPhone 4S running 5.1.1, uninstalling this package will unjailbreak your device.

Rocky Racoon is spelled with one 'c' after the similarly misspelled tool from IPSec Tools. This is not a mistake. ;P