<p>FlashGleam is the best app of its kind!. This is a flashlight feature-rich application with an elegant interface. FlashGleam uses the iPhone 4 LED light to turn your device into a powerful flashlight. This app also works with older devices such as iPhone 3g/s through its Light feature. Some of FlashGleam's features: **Strobe Light:** Produce flashes of light that can be adjusted through a slider. **In-app Mail:** Use the native Mail.app without having to exit the flashlight. **In-app SMS:** Use the native Messages.app without having to exit the flashlight. **Light:** For older devices or better illumination, choose between 10 different colors to light your screen. **Social Networks** Don't feel isolated in the dark. Navigate through your favorite Social Networks such as Facebook, Twitter and Google+ while having the flashlight on! **Hand Shadows:** If you are bored in the dark try to make some cool hand shadows. FlashGleam will show you how. **FlashGleam** will also prevent the phone to enter into sleep mode so you don&rsquo;t have to worry anymore that your light will turn off automatically after some time. **Quick Exit:** There are sometimes where you need to exit the flashlight immediately. The home button can be slow and that's why a quick exit button was implemented. *Tap on the info button to learn more about FlashGleam and check out the other apps developed by us! This is a free application with NO ads, please consider donating for further developing :)</p>