<p>Introducing <b>MyVolume</b>, a tweak that finally allows you to manage your iDevice' volume like a pro. You can choose a custom value to increase or decrease your volume for every click on volume buttons, or select a value to set the volume to when switching to Silent / Normal mode. MyVolume has also an app listing feature, which allows you to silent certain apps when launched or to set a custom value for volume when the iPod app is launched, to hear your music at the right volume.
Moreover, MyVolume will allow to tweak the volume increasing / decreasing actions by adding them vibration or hiding the HUD, or by reaching the minimum / maximum volume with only 1 click on the respective buttons. Thanks to integration with activator, you'll have your favorite volume level not more than 1 gesture far from you.
You can set all those options in Settings and you can enable / disable the tweak also with the SBSettings toggle you can download separately.</p><p></p>
<p>MyVolume is translated in the following languages:
<p>German thanks to NilsMa</p>
<p>French thanks to CrossingMan</p>
<p>Arabic thanks to nadeem97</p>
<p>Dutch thanks to veeence</p>
<p>Spanish thanks to RodolfoLopez</p>
<p><b>MyVolume</b> requires iOS 3.2 or higher and works on all devices: for certain of them some features won't show up, though. (e.g all those features that plays with the Ringer Switch won't show up on iPod touches.).</p>