PowerDown Clear is a awesome tweak that tweaks your power down display. This gives it a clear display instead of the almost black screen. This tweak also comes with some awesome features like the all new Background Multitasking. This allows you still still scroll up and down and interest with apps while the power view is displayed. 
Eg your in the photos.app and got the power view up. You can still navigate around and look at your pics, flick left and right etc.. This works for all apps, though springboard or lockscreen support for background multitasking isnt supported yet. 
But you may be wondering that you can't get to the top nave bars to go back for instance. This tweak also adds support to allow Zephr (for iPhone/iPodTouch) and for iPad apples gesture to bring up the switcher. This will keep the power down view above the switcher to get the best out of using the switcher while the display view is up and will push the power down slider up to give the view of the top nav bar and status bar. 
PowerDown Clear is Compadable with iPhones / iPodtouches and iPad. 

Please note after every respring at the first attempt may not work. But if you cancel and bring up the power down view again you will get this awesome view/features! 

Now Works With Gpower Pro and all Bugs fixed.

I hope you enjoy it and let me know if you enjoy it!