PreviewMaker is a extremely useful app that allows you to take your screenshots and place them into a high quality, high detailed phone model, white or black. There is NO need to know how to use photoshop or another photo manipulation program because PreviewMaker handles it all. This app is great for blog owners, writers, reviewers, developers, designers, and even the average everyday iPhone,iPod user. This just simply makes it easy and quick to create nice previews to present in a professional manor.

With no need to leave your device just add your image, adjust your settings and save or share. You can save to camera roll, a custom folder, upload to Dropbox or ImageShack , share on Twitter or through email or simply create and come back at a later date. You can add and adjust the opacity of the glare, add and adjust the opacity of a watermark, use portrait or landscape images and the app will recognize the size of your image and handle it accordingly automatically.

PreviewMaker is an iDeviceDesigns Product with many user options, an AMAZING UI and is just is straight forward and easy to use. Buy your copy today and watch iDeviceDesigns for new applications in Cydia and the AppStore.