<p><strong>Now on iOS 8 and 9!</strong></p>
<p><strong>Paragon is no longer dependent on DreamBoard, you can adjust everything in the iOS Settings app!</strong></p>
<p><strong>Paragon is the most realistic Windows Phone 8 theme for your iPhone!&nbsp;</strong></p>
<p>Paragon features drag &amp; drop tile arrangement for easy customization, as well as the ability to resize any live tile with the press of a button. Live tiles range from a calendar tile that shows your latest appointment to a messaging tile that shows you your latest text message. You can easily pin the apps you want on your start screen, and unpin the ones you don't.</p>
<p>Other features include:</p>
<p>Built-in search</p>
<p>Themed notification banners</p>
<p>Custom volume HUD</p>
<p>Downloading, updating and uninstalling apps within the theme</p>
<p>... and more!</p>