<p>Not compatible with iPad. Support for iPad is conditional upon demand and could be coming soon!<br /><br />Prolix7 is a theme that brings consistency to icons in iOS7 in a beautiful and new way. It takes the best of the bold new icons created by Apple with the introduction of iOS7 and fixes the subtle inconsistencies as well as applies the same color palette and design to third party applications.<br /><br />Prolix7 is my first theme! So please be patient while I work things out and add more icons for popular third party apps. You can submit icon requests on my website www.mitchellalexnielsen.com/prolix7/&nbsp;and follow me on twitter @laxman303 for the latest updates. I have put a lot of time and effort into making Prolix7 the beautiful theme that it has become and I would highly appreciate it if you sent a donation my way! I will make icon requests accompanied by donations my highest priority. Apply Prolix7 through winterboard.</p>