Revolution is a clean, glowing, unique theme.
It's features include:
- One Page theme
- Easy to install
- Themed UI
- Clean
- Lockscreen
- Sliders
- Battery
- Themed popups
- Themed safari
- Themed music player
- Themed Categories loading screens and backgrounds

It's a fantastic theme, and a must-have


1. Download:

2. Open categories.
Make 4 new folders, in this order:
1. Media
2. Games
3. Apps
4. Utility

it's important that you make them in this order, so that the categories backgrounds are not jumbled up.

3. Categorize your apps into these as you see fitting; only leave:
-App Store/ Cydia / Safari / Ping / Phone / SMS / Music
(You can choose as many of these as you want, as long as they fit on your dock)

4. Put all categories icons on the first page of your springboard and
the rest in the dock

5. Apply the theme and enjoy