A ROKFORM HD theme for iPhone 4 and iPhone 4s (iOS 5.1.1+), includes:
* Loads of custom icons
* Custom lockscreen slider
* Custom lockscreen camera icon
* Custom page dots
* Custom orange icon badges

Installs as a winterboard theme.

To make the theme look the same as the screenshots:
1. Donwload and install the 'ROKFORM HD Theme' & activate in winterboard
2. Download and install the 'ROKFORM HD Battery theme' and activate it in winterboard
2. Use 'bytafont' (from cydia) with a chosen font and apply
3. Use 'ColorClock' (from cydia) to set the lockscreen clock to orange
4. Use 'springtomize' (from cydia) to set:
Dock - use 5 icons & enable coverflow effect
Lockscreen - Always charging & Always show WP