<p>Shapes &amp; Patterns is a very simple Winterboard theme consisting of redesigned default icons and icon skins for non-default apps. This theme is light and simple and has been made to easily blend along with the standard iOS user interface.<br /> <br />I highly recommend folder enhancer, blurried NC background, and atom to enhance the aspects of this theme. A PSD is included in the theme folder so you can create your own icons or wallpapers!<br /> <br />In order to get the wallpapers, navigate to the theme's folder in iFile or WINSCP and select the Wallpapers folder. In the folder, there are a few wallpapers you can use that suit this theme and a PSD to make your own. You can always just choose whatever wallpaper you want from your settings app!<br /> <br />Tested only on the iPhone 5 but should work on any retina supported device. I plan on making updates to this theme for iOS 7 if possible, in the future.</p>