<p>Hey Jailbreakers! &nbsp;Subject4S joining the community and THIS IS MY DEBUT THEME, I'm releasing this theme for free as well :)<br /> <br /> It's actually just iOS 7 but how the Smurfs would do it ;P (imo)</p>
<p>It features all the Standard app icons (which are needed to be customized) and a Lock Screen Slider</p>
<p>This is the second theme in the "Subject's iPhone Colors" series which is being released.</p>
<p>Also coming soon, #SmurfsBlue CCControls Addon!</p>
<p>Don't forget for support and news to follow me @Subject4S</p>
<p>Thanks to @iHaz3 for the Cydia Icon &amp; Xpod (@iJailPod) for fixing my Clock Icon (recreated it myself from scratch but still thanks on 1.0!)<br /> <br /> Some Backstory of this theme:<br /> <br /> At First I created #PinkPerfection (which is not released yet), but then I came up with an idea of creating themes for the 5C/5s that represent the colors of the iPhone.<br /> <br /> So how did I came up with the name "SmurfsBlue"?<br /> <br /> My bestfriend's nickname (see next paragraph) had to do with Smurfs, and I actually like those little blue things y'know especially Smurfette<br /> <br /> uhm yeah, but we have broken up for a while (fyi she's a girl) now and I'm really sad for this and if you want to show me some support just a simple thank you for this theme to my twitter account would make me happy :)</p>
<p>I'm trying a lot now to get us back together again (it's since sept. 2013 fyi) and still haven't succeed...<br /> <br /> So um... That was the bit of the back story :P</p>