<p>Syren theme, started out much differently (well, the name was different anyway) the design was more of a patchwork, pastel, and it turned into a blue/patch/metalic. I find the colors pleasing on the eye, and the icons easy to get used to.</p>
<p>I'd like to thank my beta team for their support over the summer. After taking some time off due to family issues, they were all still here, waiting for me. I really do appriciate their continued support and encouragement. Mark, Monica, Glenn, Grant and Brian. Thank you all!</p>
<p>So Syren, has over 200 icons for your enjoyment. There are some UI elements themed, and it is totally Anemone friendly (the theme will also work with Winterboard). Please stop by the <a href="../forums/iphone-5-new-skins-themes-launches/847129-syren.html" target="_blank">Modmyi Forum</a> if you have any questions, as that is where you'll probably find us hanging out.</p>
<p>Thank you for purchasing my theme, and I hope you enjoy it!</p>
<p>p.s. I'll be posting wallpapers on forum, the link is in that last paragraph up there.</p>