This release on iOS 9 was primarily tested by Surenix using ayeris, so if there are other serious things that are broken, maybe report themsomewhere visible so they can be fixed.

Note: for full UISounds theme support for iOS 6.0/6.1, you must install both WinterBoard 0.9.3909 and Substrate 0.9.4000, which was co-released ;P.

If you do not believe that you can now theme all of the various Settings icons, get a copy of ayecon and check it out.

Sadly, despite attempts to reach out on forums and even with personal pleas by SMS, we have been unable to get major theme artists to test any of our beta builds of WinterBoard so we can get feedback on any potential issues.

Therefore, in addition to this release having been delayed by over a month, we have been able to get almost no verification that it actually still works.

(If any theme artists are reading this, I will point you to the main depiction for details on the IRC channel we use to discuss bugs and development. ;P)