Work with iWidget tweak.

iWidget pack contain multi-clock widget who include 4 clocks & the great interactive touch weather widget to give an awesome look for your devices. (dont forget to check iwidgets option before open the widget).

0bvious iOS9 (iPhone & iPad compatible).

Real fresh touch for your devices.

v1.0 of 0bvious contain more than 470 awesome icons with unique style, 7 docks, badge, folder, 12 icon effects, UI, wb fix. For wallpapers, they can be downloaded in my website.

This theme work with anemone & winterboard apps.

More bonus coming soon to make your devices more beautiful.

FULL DISPLAY: -use anemone to enjoy all parts (dock, badge) -use winterboard fix if you use winterboard and want fix calendar icon.

Thank you for the support.

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