Mean Green Edition of 0-HOUR! iPhone 5.

Times up to bring something new and Innovative.

0-HOUR brings a new idea to the normal UI with its Unique SLIDE EFFECT.

For my 10th theme and 1 yr anniversary theming I wanted to go all out.

0-HOUR includes – custom details icons made from scratch, SB Widgets, Color Keyboard, SBSettings, Screen loaders (can be turned off in WB), All Native apps themed to match.

The new SLIDE EFFECT for the UI is integrated through out the theme from the Dialer to the Calculator.

Credits and thanks: Beta Testing - @Slate004, @Metaserph, @Coccco28, @henftling, @Fattone66. Big Thanks to @Durben for help with the Widget code.

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Direction: You will need: GridLock for SB Widget and JPegifier.

ADD-ONS in Cydia - ColorKeyboard, SBSettings, Zepp, SC4, more coming.