This requires IconBundles to work.

indigo is a colourful flat theme that contains a unique style using an applications UI.

This theme includes: 180+ icons, 20+ alt icons, Preference Icons, 2 Status Bar Themes and 2 Control Center Themes.

There are separate add on packages that include widgets and lock screens, message bubble themes, custom badges and custom folder icons. You can request icons by filling out this form.

A free sample of the theme is available here:

This theme is compatible with iPhones 4 - 6 Plus, iOS 7 - iOS 8.

Special thanks to @cryptic_logic for creating the widgets and lock screens, @iamHoenir and @Djaovx for help and advice, also thank you to all my beta testers.

Please do not pirate this theme, if for whatever reason you can’t afford or purchase this theme, I will be doing giveaways, just check my twitter for updates on this theme: @HikoMitsuketa

Thank you!