MI97 Black Edition is back and now supports iOS 9 and iPhone 6S and 6S Plus, but also keeps the support for the older ones (from 4S to 6 Plus). The Black Edition of MI97 wants to bring some life and mistery into your iOS device and it does this by adding a little more color and a little more darkness.

It contains: Over 220 themed icons, ClassicDock support, Anemone and Winterboard support, Themed UI (Control Center, Status Bar and themed icons into the Settings app).

This package is free to those who have purchased the original MI97 Black Edition, just e-mail me if you did it.

Also, follow me on Twitter for giveaways at @Axel4Punk

And e-mail me if there are any bugs or you want to have new icons themed or new features at axel.new46@yahoo.com.

Also, you can donate if you like my work at the same adress.

Enjoy :D