TypoPhone is back for all iPhone and iPod!

TypoPhone8 features more than 20 different customizable options: 12/24 hour format, Notifications support with beautiful animation, Custom individual colors, Rotate mode, Show/hide date, Y Position, and more!

TypoPhone8 is compatible with all iPhone and iPod supported by GroovyLock.

Other LockScreen tweaks support will be added.

Small FAQ:

[Q] Nothing changes when I modify the options, why's that?

[R] With GrooyLock, you will need to respring for changes to take effect.

[Q] I want to suggest my configuration, how can I do that?

[R] Tweet me at @AkdM_

[Q] I have no idea how to customize my theme. Can you help me?

[R] Of course! I created a mini website to show you how much I want your device to fit your style by giving out my personal configurations: anthonydamota.me/typophone8